Monday, June 13, 2011

Summer Fun List

I am eagerly awaiting the beginning of summer - my oldest is out on Thursday! While I may come to regret these words mid July I must say I that I am so excited to have the girls home to hang out with. I really do enjoying taking them places and doing things with them during the summer. We will most likely keep our schedule from last year which was one beach day a week and one pool day a week. The other days are open to do whatever else we feel like.

To combat the "I AM BORED" comments that I am bound to hear the other days of the week I came up with a Summer Fun List with some fun crafts, games, and things to do at home to put on the list. Because I am visual person I also added a board on my Pinterest page were I can tag all of my ideas .I did some quick calculations  and I need 30 activities for us to do while the girls are out of school.

After working, thinking and selecting I came up with an AWESOME list. Since I love all of you I will share the fun ideas I cam up with! Here is our Summer Fun list with links
3.  Make Ice cream (we have an ice cream maker)
4.  Have an indoor picnic in a tent
5.  Make Paper Cameras 
6.   Make sidewalk chalk paint and paint murals 
7.  Make an unbirthday box for cousins (full of fun Japanese things)
9.  Slip n' Slide
10.  Photo Scavenger Hunt (give the girls cameras and a list of things to take pictures of)
11. Play Golf (in the backyard)
12.  Wash the Car(a fun chore!)
13.   Play hide n go seek
14.  Make a foamerator
16.   Have a water balloon fight
19. Paint Fingernails
25. Make no sew pillows
26.  Send un-birthday box to the Embrey's :)
27. Do Makeovers then take pictures
28.  Play Movie Theater
30. Draw pictures for Grandparents

I printed all the ideas out, cut them into strips and placed them in our piggy bucket. I will let the girls take turns picking what we do on our days at home. To keep track of everything I found these adorable summer calendars on Anything But Perfect.

After the girls choose what we are going to do the next day they can write it on the calendar. I also wrote in our beach days, pools days and the first day of school so I know when the fun will be over!

So what are you summer plans? Do you have any fun ideas on your summer bucket list?

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Genevieve said...

Awesome! I want to make one of these too and I think Im going to steal a whole bunch of your ideas :)

Just thought I'd mention that you have play hide n seek twice. You could add another number 7 but instead of cousins it could say friends in Henderson ;-)

Heather said...

Ohh I thought I fixed that! Oh well I changed it now - just for you Genevieve!

Beth said...

You guys are going to have so much fun this summer!

SmileMonsters said...

Come share your list at Our Summer Bucket List linky!

Jo @ SmileMonsters

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