Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tutorial Tuesday Hats and Fancy Hair Clips

Once again I don't have a tutorial for you. I am still in the midst of relocating my craft room and I have had very little time to make anything. I could write a tutorial on how to make even more work for yourself by moving rooms around in your house while spring cleaning but I doubt you would all want to read that.

Of course I have needed a distraction from all my room moving so I spent a little time blog hopping and adding a bunch of projects to my "TO DO" list! While I was searching for spring dresses I became distracted by some fancy hat and hair clip tutorials. I am girly girl with 2 little girls so I love me a good hair thing tutorial. Here are the tutorials I am drooling over right now!

First up is an adorable Hat from Sewing In No Mans Land:

Next is a fancy feathered headband for The Crimson Owl:

Of crouse I had to add the gorgeous cocktail hat that was on Craftzine:

And last but not least this fantastic Feather and Flower headband from Still Dottie:

Do you have any hair tutorials you just love? If so please share a link in the comments. My girls and I could always use some more hair bling!


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