Monday, January 31, 2011

Spring Fever

I am still working on my house and it is quite possible that I made even more work for myself. We live in a pretty small 3 bedroom house. There is not a lot of space and I continually move things around imagining that I will find some extra space. I had the girls sharing a room and was using the small extra bedroom as my craft room. As great as it sounds the set up is not ideal. I don't like having all the girls toys and TV in their bedroom. So I decided to move them into the small room and to make us a craft/playroom. I am hoping this will be a more functional set up and make it is easier to get the girls to sleep at night distraction free. I am hoping to get all the changes in place by this weekend. It will be longer than that before I finish my craft area. I am still searching for some cute pink bins to store all my craft supplies in!

I think all my spring cleaning has given me spring fever. I am longing for warm days and sunshine. Ok it really isn't that cold here but it has been rainy and gloomy lately. To ease my spring fever I began looking online for some adorable spring dresses for my girls. After searching for hours I came up empty handed. I was looking for some plain simple cotton dresses in my price range (ie cheap) and there just wasn't anything. So it looks like I will have to make them! Now I am on the hunt for simple dress patterns. I looked around on You Can Make This (love that site!) and found this adorable peasant dress pattern from SisBoom.

I look likes a great simple dress that would be easy to embellish. Do you have any spring dress patterns your love? I would love to find another simple dress pattern that I could make for the girls. I am envisioning their spring wardrobe full of cute dresses and colorful leggings!


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