Saturday, January 9, 2010

From Shirt Tie to Flower Headband

For Christmas my MIL sent my girls a bunch clothes. Among all the cute outfits was a random and way too big top that was not suppose to be in there. When I asked her about it she said it was a mistake and to just give it away. Of course I could do that so I decided to see what I could make out of it. The first thing I did was cut off all of the random ties on it. I couldn't just throw the ties away so I decided to see what I could make out of them. I grabbed my glue gun and this is what I came up with

Rosebud Headband
Items You Need:
Glue Gun
Fabric Ties off an old shirt or thing strips of fabric

The rosebuds was very simple to make. I took the fabric tie and added a dab of glue to the end and rolled in. Once I had a tiny center I started twisted the fabric tie around the center and twirling it at the same time. I stopped and added a dab of glue every now and then to help it hold together. Once I thought the rosebuds were big enough I added one last dab of glue and folded the remaining part of the tie underneath and glued it in place. I made three rosebuds and then I glued them onto a stretchy elastic headband for my daughter. They held up great - I let my 2 year old wear it to test it out! Next time I think I will back them with a little bit of felt for a cleaner look.

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