Monday, January 11, 2010

Costume Jewelry Headbands

When my Grandmother passed away I inherited a some of her costume jewelry. For some reason I ended up with quite a few single clip on earrings. I have held onto them for years not knowing quite what to do with them, but I knew I couldn't get rid of them. I decided to put a couple of them to good use today and jazz up some store bought headbands that I had.

You Will Need:
Funky Vintage Clip on Earring
Headband of your choice
some cute fabric
flower template from Wise Craft or a flower shaped cookie cutter
a glue gun or fabric glue and E6000 glue

The first thing you need to do is remove the clip from the back of your earring. I just bent and twisted and bent mine some more until I got it off. Next you want to cut out 4 flowers from your cute fabric. I provided a link to the template I found on Wise Craft - I used 4 of the larger flowers. You could also use a small flower shaped cookie cutter if you have one. Next cut out 4 flowers from your tulle. I just folded my tulle over 4 times so I only have to cut out one flower. Now you are going to fold the fabric and tulle flowers in half and arrange them like so.

Just imagine there is tulle in there. The picture is actually from another post but if should give you an idea of how to layer them. I did cheat a bit and glue the tulle to the fabric to make arranging them easier!
Now you can either sew the flower pieces in place OR be lazy like me and glue them. I used my glue gun but I am sure fabric glue would work just as well. Take your earring and glue it into the center of your flower, again I used my glue gun but E-6000 would go a great job as well. Last step is to glue your flower to your headband and it is ready to wear. I got super lazy with the brown headband and just glued the earring on without a flower or anything.
I love headbands and I am so excited to wear these!
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Megan said...

They ROCK! What a perfect accessory for a jeans and t-shirt day.... Or a black dress!

Thanks for sharing!

Cari said...

Super cute - LOVE it!

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