Friday, January 15, 2010

Coming Soon

Sorry for the lack of posts this week. I have a million and one projects I am working on right now and I am so excited to post them. The problem is that all of them are lacking one item or another - one item that I can not for the life of me find. Oh how I miss Home Depot and Lowes right now!
One of the main things I can't find is clear acrylic paint or glaze or anything to put on the top of my recently painted objects. All they had at my trusty BX is spray paint and they just happened to be out of all the cans of acrylic paint. And of course they are unsure of when they get more in. I have looked bit off base but my inability to read kanji letters is making it hard. I am going to try another place tomorrow and cross my fingers that I can convey what I want through my limited Japanese and hand gestures. Wish me luck!
Oh and I just got a sewing machine (for $50 - awesome deal right?) so I am learning how to use that. I am going to start my first project soon and I can't wait to show it off!
Anyway my point is that I promise to be post new items very soon or at least as soon as they are done!


Megan said...

Can't wait to see what you've been making!

Love Stitched said... are so creative! Thank you so much for being a follower of Love Stitched! I am going to feature your cute blog tomorrow! :) Keep up the great work!

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