Monday, January 18, 2010

Wooden Block Picture Holders

I made these adorable picture holders for my Mother and Mother in Law for Christmas. Yes I do still have them. No I didn't get them shipped off for Christmas like I planned. I am allergic to the Post Office. Ok maybe I just hate going there and can never seem to get a package to where it is suppose to be on time and my family will be lucky to get their gifts from last year before Christmas this year. *sigh* Being allergic just sounds so much better! I whipped up these little cuties with items I had on hand. Everything I used was left overs from other projects.

Wooden Block Picture Holders
(nice title right? I couldn't come up with anything better)

You Need:
small wooden blocks (if you live on Okinawa I have seen them at the large 100 yen store already cut)
scrapbook paper
modge podge
clothes pins
glue gun
and any cute embellishments you would like to add

The first thing you want to do is sand any roughness off of your blocks. You can also paint the blocks if you would like. My blocks were already painted because they were left over from an earlier project.
Next you want to trace you block onto a piece of scrapbook paper and cut out the shape. Use modge podge and glue the scapbook paper to the block. Set the blocks aside to dry and follow the same steps for the top of your clothes pins. You can put as many coast of modge podge as you need too on both the block and clothes pins. I think I did about 3 on each but I am an over achiever like that - heaven forbid the paper start to peel up!
After both the block and the clothes pins are dry you will use you glue gun to attach the clothes pins to the blocks.
Now you can apply your letters with your glue gun or modge podge depending on thickness. The letters you use are really up to you. You could use anything from stickers to ones you cut out yourself. I used my glue gun to apply some cardboard ones I had mixed in with scrapbooking stuff. Now you can add any embellishments you want. I rummaged around in my scrapbooking stuff to find some fun things.
Last step is to add a cute picture and find a place to show off your new creation!


Cari said...

Oh, how cute! I want to make some soon!

Michelle said...

love these...very cute

Tonia said...

I am totally going to make these! Too cute!!

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