Saturday, January 9, 2010

Fabric Flower Hair Clips

During the Summer I picked up some super cute fabric scraps at the craft store. I wasn't sure what I would do with them but they were too cute to pass up. Well I finally pulled out the fabric and decided to use some of it to make some flowers. I did a little searching and found a great pattern on Wise Craft. It was easy to follow and I loved that she provided a template for the flowers. If you would like to make some cute flowers for yourself grab some fabric scraps and print out the template.
You will need to cut out 4 small flowers and 2 large flowers. You will take the small flowers, fold them in half and then layer them like you see above. Place the layered small flowers on the two large flowers.

Then get out your needle and thread and put a couple of stitches in the flowers to hold them in place. Don't cut the thread yet. Find an adorable button for the center and sew it in place.

Once your button is sewn in place your flower is ready to use. You can put on a pin and use it on a cute dress, or you can put it on an alligator clip and use it in your hair. I made these for my niece and plan to use them on a couple of different projects. The pink one is going on a hair clip and the plaid one is going on a belt I made her. The bottom green and blue one is going to go on the the large wooden letter than I made for her. If you can't tell I have been working on some fun Christmas presents for her. I promise I will post details about them soon!

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