Saturday, January 9, 2010

Flower Hair Clips

Don't you just love these flower hairclips that I made for my niece? Well you are in luck cause the post is all about how to make them!

You will need:
some fake silk flowers
clear thread
glue gun and glue
alligator clip
center piece (this can be anything from a button to a jewel to a vintage piece of jewelry)
fake leaves

The first things you are going to do is pull the flower apart and discard the middle piece. Some people leave them in but I have found that they flake and fall out so it is best to get rid of them before you even start.
Now that your flower is in pieces you have a choice to make on how you will put it back together. This depends on both your centerpiece and the age of the girl who will be wearing it. If you have a button for the center it is best to sew it on. If you are giving this to a young child and you want it to be secure it is best to sew it. Normally I just use my glue gun (my daughter is older) but I decided to use a vintage button on this flower. When my grandmother passed away I ended up with a bunch of broken and mismatched pieces of costume jewelry. I wanted to make this flower special for my niece so I decided to use one of my grandmother's buttons.
Ok once you have your flower and centerpiece secured you will glue on the alligator clip. I like to use the silk leaves on the back of the flower as well. It makes it look nicer and it keeps the clip from sticking together.
Once everything cools you have you beautiful flower clip to wear or give away. I am currently working on some to give to all the girls in my daughter's class - I hope they love them!

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