Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Art Smock

One of the things on my daughter's preschool supply list was an art smock. The school suggest using an old shirt and it needed to have my daughters name on it. Obviously an old shirt is not nearly cute enough for me. So I pulled out a bib that we had gotten from a local rib joint (we have more of these than I would care to admit) and got to work.

I used some cute ribbon, fabric, some scissors and some steam a seam and created this adorable art smock for my daughter. I cut out a large square of fabric to cover the writing then I added an E for my daughters name. It was still missing something so I added a flower to the top for some extra cuteness. Then I added some extra ties to the middle of the smock using ribbon. It is much cuter that a plain old shirt and I don't think she will have any trouble remembering which art smock is hers!

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