Friday, February 5, 2010

Valentines Decorations

It is raining here and it is has been all week. Normally I love the rain but it has really messed with my plans for this week. I have several projects that I have started that require sanding and painting - 2 bookshelves, a coffee table and these awesome file cabinets that I found. We don't have a garage or basement in the house and so there is really no inside location where I can do this. I tried to work on them inside but my hubby got a little upset! Since I had to put those projects on the back burner for a bit I thought I would make some Valentines decorations for the house. The rain has been bumming me out a bit so I thought the pretty decorations might cheer things up a bit!
The first thing the girls and I did was make a banner for the stairs. It was SUPER simple but it turned out so cut. I just took a piece of 2 inch thick ribbon and measured the length of the stairs. Then we glued different colored paper doilies onto the ribbon. The white ones looked a little bare so we took some glue and glitter and added some pink hearts to the middle. I think my 2 year olds favorite part was the glitter especially since I found it sprinkled on my couch later. She is right - everything looks better with sparkles!

After the banner was done I decided to make was a new wreath for the door. I was totally torn between these two wreathsThis one was made by Domestifluff and you can find her tutorial here. I couldn't find white felt so I bought pink instead!

This beauty was made by Tatortots and Jello out of cupcake liners. You can find her tutorial for it here.
I headed to the store and see which one I could find supplies for and as luck would have it I found everything I needed for both! So I bought all the supplies and decided to figure out which one to make later. That night I grabbed all the supplies and decided to put one of the two together. I ended up making the cupcake liner wreath. Why? Well I couldn't for the life of me locate a single pair of scissors!

Cupcake Liner Wreath
You Need:
Lots of Cupcake Liners (I used about 125)
A styrofoam wreath (I found mine at the craft store on Kadena)
glue gun
any desired embellishments

Normally I would give you directions on how to make this beauty BUT there are all on Tatertots and Jello's post along with some wonderful pictures. Follow her directions! I learned the hard way that you need the wrap the styrofoam wreath with ribbon first. I was being lazy and decided just to glue the liners right on. Turns out hot glue melts styrofoam! I made it work but I had to use a lot more glue and hold the cupcake liners in place for minute.
Over all the wreath was simple to make, it just takes lots of glue and lots of cupcake liners! I ended up using about 125 liners on mine. It seems like a lot but I just grabbed 3 packages of 50 ct. liners from the dollar section at the BX. I even have some left over to make yummy cupcakes in. My cupcakes liners have little hearts all over them! I did flip my liners inside out before I glued them on so you could see the hearts better. After all the liners were on I grabbed a little heart paper doily that I had and glued it to the top.
I love how the wreath turned out but there is no way I putting it outside until this rain stops!

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Cari said...

I love your stuff - it makes me so jealous that I don't have the time to do it, too. Beautiful! And hey, it's been raining all week here, too!

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