Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Scrap Fabric Bracelets

I haven't had much time to myself lately, life has just been crazy around here for the past week. I have been itching to work on some craft projects and I was finally able to tonight. My hubby and girls all fell asleep early!
I am working on some big projects that require patience and drying time - both of which are hard for me. I hate to wait so I decided to fill my time with a easy project. I grabbed some silicone bracelets from the $1 section a couple of weeks ago and here is what I decided to make with them.

Scrap Fabric Bracelets

You Need:
Silicone or Plastic Bracelets

Here is a picture of the bracelets I started with. They were not cute but for a dollar I figured I could make something beautiful out of them!
The first thing I did was cut my fabric into long strips. I was not careful about this and my strips were all crazy and uneven which I think made the bracelets look even better. Then I stretched my bracelets out a bit - they were a little tight.

Next I took a strip of fabric and attach it to the bracelet with glue - I used my trusty glue gun.
Then I began to wrap the fabric around the bracelet. I added a dab of glue here and there to make it hold better.
After the bracelet was all wrapped I made a simple wrap flower to go on it (directions are here) but you could add any embellishment you want.
I love my new bracelets and can't wait to wear them! They were simple and quick to make and it made waiting for my other projects to dry so much easier!

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GroverFamily said...


Julie said...

So cute! I love the flowers! They really are easy to make. I may have to make these too!

Me said...

Cute - I bet my girls would like these...

Somer said...

i love these and I know I have a few of those bracelets floating around.

theteo5 said...

Brilliant! I always throw those plastic junky bracelets time I will keep them. Love it!

Andrea said...

I have a few of those bracelets sitting around. Cute idea!
Andrea @

ioion said...

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Brain said...

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