Saturday, January 9, 2010

Old Shirt to New Dress

I have been rather obsessed lately with making old things into something new. My latest project was making an old shirt of mine into a new dress for Evie. I have owned this shirt for years and while I wear it occasionally it really isn't the most flattering top on me. I love the fabric and I didn't want to just get rid of it. After looking it over I realized that it would make the perfect sundress for Evie. The fabulous smocking meant I didn't even have to take it in.

Sorry about the pictures they were a bit of an after thought. Oh and the straps are even they just look funny in the picture!

Here is everything I did to make this adorable dress.
Step 1. I removed the bottom of the shirt just above the smocking. I decided I liked the raw edge look and left a little at the top.
Step 2. I removed the smocked neckline at the top of the shirt. I knew it was make perfect straps for the dress. I then cut it in half.
Step 3. I wrestled with Evie to get the dress on her so I could do a quick measurement on the straps. She was not happy and it didn't work as well as I would have liked. I pretty much had to guess on them.
Step 4. I sewed on the straps by hand. I still don't have a machine but I hope to get one soon. I stabbed myself a whole bunch so I am pretty happy I didn't get any blood on the shirt!
Step 5. After looking at the dress I realized that something was missing. It needed a flower and bow. So I used the leftover fabric from the top of shirt to make the flower and the ties from the top to make a cute little bow.

The dressed turned out super cute and I love it. Evie refused to put it back on so I could take a picture. She was busy in her tent and wasn't about to come out!

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