Monday, January 25, 2010

Heart Shaped Crayon Melts

We had a lot of crayons at our house - an entire large sized ziploc bag to be exact. I decided to go through and pull out the broken ones so we could make some crayon melts. My girls helped me peel all the wrappers off and had a fabulous time breaking all the crayons into small pieces. To be totally honest the broken pieces sat in a bag for a couple days before I decided what to do with them. I had fully intended on using a muffin tin to make some round crayons until I came across a cute little heart shaped silicone pan at the store. The girls helped me sort the crayons and pile them in the trays to get them ready to bake. We had extra crayons so I pulled out my mini muffin silicone tray for the rest. This was a big MISTAKE. I am warning you now do not use any tray that you care about. The crayon does not come all the way out of the tray so you can never bake with them again. I now have three silicone trays that will always be used to make crayons!
At this point I realized I had no idea how long or at what temperature to bake the crayons. I did a quick google search and came across dozens of different ways. I decided to go with Close To Homes directions and ended up changing them just a bit.

You Need:
broken crayon
heart shaped or round silicone baking tray (that you don't love)

Preheat your oven to 225. Remove all the crayon wrappers and discard. Break the crayons into small pieces and place them in the tray. You can sort them by color like we did or just pile them in there and see what you end up with.
Place the trays on a cookie sheet for stability and place them in the oven. Bake until all the crayons are melted. We started with 5 minutes but ended up baking them for almost 15. The time really depends on how thick you layer your crayons - ours were pretty thick.
Once the the crayons are all melted removed the trays and place them in the freezer. I cleared off the top shelf of mine and just stuck the entire cookie sheet in. Let the cook in the freezer for about 15 minutes. Now you can pop out your beautiful heart crayons and start coloring. My girls spent the entire evening making valentines with their crayons!

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Tierra said...

Great idea! I am using the same molds to make fruit punch ice cubes. They will go with the sparkling cider. I am also going to do butter hearts too to go in the dish. (I am planning a huge group Valentines date. Yes it's two weeks later, but hey, I just think discount on all that wonderful Valentine stuff right?)


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