Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Family Rules Board

If you haven't read about the Imperfect Family Rules board on The Pleated Poppy you need to go here right now and do so. This is one of the best craft ideas that I came across last year! This project is what got me back into crafting and forever addicted me to craft blogs!!!
I modified mine a bit to make it fit my circumstances. I had to make mine a lot smaller than her's because 11X13 was the largest canvas the craft store had at the time. I have noticed that they have larger pieces recently and I am thinking about remaking it. I think the smaller piece worked well because I was able to use my printer to do everything. My other problem with it is that I am not in love with the scrapbook paper I used but again it was all I could find at the time. Despite all of that I think it turned out adorable and I love showing it off. It is such a fun and unique reminder of our family rules!


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