Thursday, June 23, 2011

Pretty Pretty Nails

*We didn't have power all day so this post is a bit late. Better late than never though - right?*

With a house full of girls nail polish is obviously a very beloved item. There is nothing my girls and I love more than getting our nails painted. Now that the girls are getting older and getting better about sitting still I think we are ready to venture out from the same old pink nails. I have spent the last couple of weeks tagging cute nail polish ideas on Pinterest like these.

I am sure I won't be able to do something as cute an elaborate as those pictures but I am willing to try! I picked up some new nail polish at the store last week and I am just waiting for the perfect day to get creative with the girls nails. Why just their fingernails? Well we are lucky enough to have a local shop that does AMAZING artwork on our toenails.

I could NEVER do anything this elaborate or cute if I tried! Are you doing anything special to your toes or fingers for summer time?


Grandma Bailey said...

Are those painted on or are they decals? You can get really intricate decals to put on fingernails that look like your second picture. Knowing you - you will be able to do it free hand. Wish we had somewhere to get a pedicure that did something other than just slapped a coat of polish on your toes. That is even a minimum of $50.

Savvie Shopper said...

manicures have come along way. u found some great ideas. good luck i'm sure you and girls will have fun.

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