Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tutorial Tuesday Ribbon Belt

During my back to school shopping spree at the thrift store I stumbled across the most adorable dress for my daughter. It is a cute plaid button up dress but it needed something extra - an adorable belt. So I decided to make her one out of some extra ribbon I had laying around. I used 2 inch red ribbon to make the belt and a flower embellishment.

To make the flower you are going to need about 6 inches of ribbon. I then ran a stitch close to one edge using elastic thread. I find that using the elastic thread to gather on thick fabric is easier. Once you are done with the stitch you want to pull either end of the elastic thread to and gather the ribbon until it starts to curl up.

After it is nice and gather you want to wind it around and make it into the shape of a flower.

Then you are going to squish the flower in half and run a stitch close to the end with regular thread. When you are done you can unfold your new flower and hopefully secure flower.

To make the belt I used some more 2 inch ribbon and 2 of D rings. I used my daughters waist to measure the ribbon out.
Next you want to take on end of your ribbon and run it through both D rings. Secure the ribbon with a quick stitch. It would probably look nicer if you fray check your ribbon prior to do this but I was just too lazy.

Now you are ready to add your flower. You can either sew it or be lazy like me and glue gun it close to your D rings. Then you can add a little bling to the center like a button, jewel or a vintage earring which is what I used.

Here is the finished ribbon belt. I think it adds a beautiful finishing touch to my daughters dress and it was super simple to make!



Rebecca said...

That is really cool! Heidi gave me a link to your blog. Very nice.

LynneFtWorth said...

Beautiful belt. How do you hook it together?

Heather said...

You slide the ribbon through the d-rings to hook the belt.

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