Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Tutorial Tuesday Leg Warmers And More

There is nothing more adorable than a pair of chubby legs stuffed into leg warmers. No, I am not talking about my legs but those of my soon to be born niece. My sister is due with her 4th baby and second girl in November. I am slowly working on some fun things to send her for the baby. I am trying to bribe/convenience her she should name the baby after me! Don't you think Heather is the most beautiful name ever?

I was able to pick up some cute socks for a dollar at the BX. For those of you not in the military the BX is like a Walmart or Target with better prices but less of a selection. The first thing you need to do to make the leg warmers is cut off the foot part of the socks. I cut mine a little higher than I normally would - you will see way in a moment.

Now you can finish the ends one of two ways. You can fold them under and sew a nice seem at the bottom them OR you can make the ruffly and cute. Since I am a sucker for ruffles I went with the second option. To make the ruffles you want to switch you machine to the tightest possible zig zag stitch and sew around the ends of the fabric. Keep the fabric tight but do not pull it through the machine. The zig zag stitch will create the ruffles as you go along.

Now back to those feet you cut off the socks. I saw a fabulous idea on . She took the feet of her socks and made them ruffly and adorable. I hate to waste fabric so I had to give these cutey ruffled socks a try. To make the socks you are going to finish the ends the same as the leg warmers. Just run a tight zig zag stitch along the top of the socks to create the ruffles.

I think they both turned out super adorable! Now my soon to be born niece will have nice and toasty legs and her big sister can wear the matching ruffled socks. I love 2 for ones!
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Beth said...

Awesome idea! All the leg warmers I've seem you had to use the sock upside down, so the pattern would be weird. I like this way MUCH better. Plus the socks are so cute. To bad my baby is a boy and Daddy won't let me put him in leg warmers. Guess I'll just hope my girlfriend's baby is a girl so I can live vicariously through her. hehehe.

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