Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Feeling Loved Giveaway


I am feeling so very loved by all of my followers and readers that I wanted to give you something in return. I have spent the last few days wondering what I could share with you. I wanted it to be something special an0d unique. One of the most unique things about my life is that I currently live in Okinawa, Japan.
So today before I met my friend for sushi (true story) I went out and bought a great Japanese Pattern book. The book is full of childrens clothing patterns. There are items for both boys and girls and the sizes range from 90cm - 140cm (approximately 2T - 10). This books is seriously awesome. So awesome that I thought about keeping it for myself! It was the last one or would have bought 2.

Here is a list of the items you can make with this pattern book.:

2 PajamasTank Top & Boxer BriefsTank Top & Shorts
Camisole Dress
Smock Top
Smock DressPolo Shirt
Reversible Hooded TeeLong Sleeve ShirtSweat ShirtCapri Pants
Hooded Sweat ShirtBell Bottom PantsGirl's DressReversible Balloon Skirt
Reversible Puff Sleeve Shirt
Balloon Dress
Formal Dress
Formal Jacket

The book is written in Japanese with no English BUT there are lots of pictures to help you through the patterns. If you would like to get an idea of what you can do with this book check out this post on The Train To Crazy. To enter the giveaway leave a comment on this post. The giveaway will be open until midnight (MST) Sunday night. I will draw a random winner and Monday morning I will let you all know who it is. Good Luck!




Sarah Faith said...

I didn't want to leave the first comment because random number generators NEVER pick the first one!! *sigh* oh well I can't wait anymore to enter. :) That looks like a great set of patterns. I have a son and five daughters so I could use them all.

anne smith said...

i have seen these books on other blogs and they are getting very popular. they look awesome. Anne

Clay said...

Love the look of this book, thanks for the giveaway!

Genevieve said...

Yay! Thanks for giving us a chance at this book. With 4 girls, all with different styles, finding patterns/inspiration is sometimes a battle. lol

mamaheada said...

I studied Japanese for years. Still can't read it. But maybe it will inspire me :)


greetingarts said...

I've not seen this one before, it looks very do-able! Thanks for the chance to win...


pambelina said...

Heather is a loser, but I love her anyway!

Okay, so if you pick my number pick another one, but I wanted to let you know I love you, sister!

AmeliaB said...

I've always wanted to see a real Japanese craft book! It would be so fun to read.

Beth said...

This is awesome. I'm working on making my son's clothing for this fall (he's little but he has a BIG head so nothing that fits over his head looks remotely like it fits him)

Anonymous said...

This looks like a great book! Thanks for the chance!

Lynda said...

This would be terrific to get...creating and learning Japanese at the same time. What fun! Great stuff, too. Lynda

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