Friday, July 30, 2010

Food Friday Sea Dragon Sandwich

I use to have another blog - Thinking Outside The Bag. I used the blog to post about the lunches I made for my daughter. When we first arrived on the island she has severe milk allergies and I had to make her lunch for her everyday. Since we are in Japan I use the opportunity to learn more about bento lunches and took advantage of all the cute lunch accessories they have here.

She has since outgrown her allergy (thank goodness) and has decided that school lunches are much cooler than my homemade ones. This means that lunches I make her are fewer and farther between. I have also realized that having 3 blogs is a little crazy and I can't keep up with them all. So I have decided to use Fridays on this blog to post about Food. I will post some of my past lunches, new lunches or just fun food ideas I have come across recently. I am going to start with one of all time favorite lunches -

The Sea Dragon Sandwich

The sea dragon is a tuna, cheese and lettuce sandwich on a mini bagel. I cut the bagel in half. I used the first half for the middle bump adding cheese and lettuce for embellishment. I then cut the second piece of bagel in half again to make the head and the tail. I drew the face on with food coloring markers. The sea dragon is swimming a a sea of Wheat Thin. I added some grape kabobs, celery and carrot stares as well.

This is one of favorite lunches I have ever made. It was so much fun and it turned out so cute! My daughter was thrilled when she caught a glimpse of it before school.


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